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My Heart is in the Highlands

Breathtakingly beautiful, the Scottish Highlands are just what I imagined. If I were to write about everything I loved we would need a book and I certainly don't have time for that! This blog post was supposed to be written weeks ago but internet woes here have slowed my progress to a stand still! So whilst the internet gods are smiling (not smirking) down on me it I am going to narrow down my 5 favourite things about the Scottish Highlands.

  1. The Scenery: This is an obvious one for sure and I will not be the first or the last to wax lyrical about the mountains, the glens or the picturesque villages. As we travelled towards Inverness we visited Pitlochry, in the heart of Scotland and then to the west to Glencoe. It was misty and rainy which only added to the drama. Soaring mountains made diminutive cottages seem even more tiny and waterfalls fell from vertical drops. In Culloden the countryside spoke to me of history, mythology and intense quietude. The moor was sombre and windswept and Clava Cairns is surely a place where fairies live. I found it elating.

  2. Castles: if you wanted to see a different castle every day of your trip in Scotland you would not run short of historic sites for a very long time. I loved the ones in ruins (like Urquhart) just as much as those still inhabited, furnished by centuries of continuous family inhabitants, like Cawdor. We visited Kilvarock where my husband’s relations, the Roses, had lived for generations. It’s haunting gardens and arboretum now overgrown and very much like a setting for a Grimm’s fairy tale.

  3. The people: everywhere we went, the Airbnb hosts, the publicans, the restaurant staff and people in the streets, all of them were welcoming, good humoured and proud of being Scottish. I loved them.

  4. The food: yes I tried haggis, yes I really liked it ( especially with whisky sauce). The food wherever we dined was exceptionally good. I do think that atmosphere helps and we ate in some great old pubs and an incredible afternoon tea at Culloden House, now a beautiful hotel.My son is also coeliac and we found everyone accomodating.

  5. History: Everywhere you go you are engulfed by the history. It’s told in every village and city, the buildings often old enough to tell several centuries of events. If you love history, you will love the Scottish Highlands. I found it very difficult to leave.

    I hope you get to visit one day! Scroll down for more images

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