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About The Blue Stocking Society

The Blue Stocking Society is a multi faceted studio specialising in vintage books, paper, furniture and accessories. Services include book repair, rehousing of family photographs and paper collections and styling for the home and work space. Creator and convenor of the Collected and Created Market in Gundaroo.


WHAT'S IN A NAME? The Blue Stocking Society emerged in England during the mid 18th Century. It was a social circle who met in the fashionable London homes of women such as  Elizabeth Montagu and Elizabeth Vesey. Women and invited male guests could gather to discuss literature and the arts. It was a network of friendship, mutual support, academic encouragement and patronage. The phrase 'blue stocking' was coined when one of Lady Montagu's male guests arrived wearing the more work- a- day blue woollen stockings instead of formal white silk.  The term blue- stocking later came to apply to learned and talented women more generally. This idea of a relaxed but elegant environment where creative and enlightened ideas could be shared and supported has long captured my imagination. 

THE BLUE STOCKING SOCIETY is a multi faceted business stemming from my many passions and interests, offering a range of services from my studio.

  • A purveyor of vintage and antique books, prints, accessories and furniture with a literary bent. I want to help people create that lived in, well loved and evocative space with a feeling of history without the feeling of 'too precious to touch'.

  • archival and paper based (books, letters and ephemera) care, repair and repackaging for your family history collections. I can help you organise and care for those treasured paper based memories for generations to come

  • styling for your home, workspace (retail, window displays, studios)or event.

ME I grew up in Sydney Australia, where my family home and garden was the canvas of my highly creative, decorator mother and I was encouraged from an early age to express myself through objects and fabrics in my own room ( when I was very little it was pink, floral and a white iron bed. My teenage years it was tartan and hunting prints). I inherited a love of history and books from my father and painted often with my grandmother on my school holidays. I went on to work in fashion retail and then run my own vintage store. After my two children were born we moved to a small rural village just north of Canberra where we built a home. I studied Heritage Conservation at The University of Canberra and trained as a paper conservator in the laboratory at National Archives of Australia for several years. I am now studying a Masters in Antiques and started The Blue Stocking Society to weave connections between my love of decorating, art and history. 

MY STYLE heavily influenced by reading Jane Austen, The Bronte Sisters and Edith Wharton, watching Merchant Ivory films and anything with lush rich antique laden rooms  (I might have binge watched The Crown and Downtown Abbey just for the interiors). I grew up riding horses and the equestrian aesthetic is one I love, everything from the tailoring of riding jackets to the subtle lustre of leather. My style spirit animals are Ralph Lauren, India Hicks and Sean Scherer from Kabinett & Kammer. I love interiors that speak of history but a lived in one - nothing that's looks like a roped off section in a historic house museum. I want my kids (oh alright, me) to be able to  put their feet on the furniture and the dogs to sit on the furniture ( try and stop them).I love an irreverent mix of old and new, family heirlooms layered with objects collected on travels (whether that be a weekend trip to the coast or across the world). Interiors ideally should be a portrait of the owners. 

I would love to chat with you! Go to the Contact Page to ask how we can work together

Caroline Milne

Caroline Milne